About Us


The association was originally set up in 1972 under the requirements of the State of Florida.  The purpose of the Association is to maintain the “common areas” of the community like the road rights-of-way, lakes, parks and other property that is owned by and is a part of the community but is not owned by the respective lot owners individually.

Your Rotonda Sands Conservation Association maintains 54 acres of lakes and canals, 125 acres of rights-of-way and 10 acres of greenbelts and swales.  All of this area is important to the aesthetics of the community but, more importantly, it is part of a designed drainage control plan to help protect your property from flooding.

Even though there are few homes in the community at this time, the State of Florida still imposes strict regulations that an Association this size (2,400 lots) must follow so the common area rights of all lot owners will be preserved.

The Association responsibilities should not be confused with the local government real estate taxes which supply fire, ambulance, road maintenance, mosquito control and public schools, among other services, to the property owners of the county.



The Rotonda Sands Conservation Association is continually working to improve communications with owners through this website and email notices.  We ask all members to keep their contact information, including email addresses, current with the Management Office.   You may update your contact information by using the Change of Address Form found on this site or by contacting the Management office by phone (941-697-9722) or by email (