The following sections provide a short summary of information on common deed restriction violations. For more detail and formal stating of the restrictions please refer to the designated article and section of the declaration of covenants.


The Rotonda Sands Conservation Association is entrusted with maintaining the appearance and a certain sense of continuity of the community. In order to help owners understand the process involved in this effort, the Association has adopted certain rules and guidelines to govern new construction, (Architectural Review), and changes/upgrades that are made to existing properties, (Residential Modification). Prior to any new construction or prior to any modification of an existing property, plans and specifications must be submitted to and approved by the Association. Guidelines and forms for Architectural Review and Residential Modification can be found on the Association website under the “Architectural Review” tab.

Architectural review is required for the installation of all exterior walls, fences, hedges, and site screening. For all rules and guidelines refer to Article 9, Section 7 of the Covenants along with the Fence Guidelines and Site Screen Guidelines available on the Association website under “Documents & Forms” then selecting “Covenants”.


VEHICLES/PARKING: (Article 9, Section 8)

The basic guidelines are as follows:

  1. No vehicle, boat or trailer of any kind shall be parked on any lawn or empty lot.
  2. No vehicle over ¾ ton shall be permitted to be parked on a driveway or any lot
  3. Any vehicle repair and maintenance exceeding 3 hours in length must take place in a garage.
  4. Un-licensed and inoperable vehicles must be stored in a garage.
  5. The Association may allow overnight parking of a boat, motor home, recreational vehicle or trailer for convenience of loading or unloading not to exceed seven days. This 3 Day Pass Form is available in the Association Management Office or on the Association website under the “Documents & Forms” tab.


RENTALS: (Article 8, Section 5)

Residential rentals are permitted for a minimum term of thirty (30) days and no more than two (2) occupants per bedroom in the dwelling rented. Each owner is responsible for any violation of the community restriction by a tenant.


LAWNS: (Article 9, Section 12)

All property with completed structures is required to have the grass cut regularly at a height not to exceed eight inches (8″). All trees must be maintained and all trash and debris removed.


DWELLING UPKEEP: (Article 9, Section 12)

Each owner shall be responsible for the maintenance and repair of the owner’s lot and all improvements.  The appearance of all dwellings shall be kept in good repair including painting, (subject to all applicable rights of color approval). No trash or unsightly clutter should be kept around the property.


PETS: (Article 9, Section 6)

Only cats, dogs, and other customary household pets may be kept at a property with a limit of no more than two (2) animals per lot. All pets must be kept on a leash in full control of the owner when outside the owners property. All excretions must be immediately removed by the owner.

Please be cautious of alligators which inhabit our lakes and canals. If necessary you can call the Nuisance Alligator Hotline: 1-866-FWC-GATOR (1-866-392-4286).